The First 100 Days, Becoming a GC Superintendent

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By Ben Ellis

Publication Date: 2021

Ben Ellis always dreamed of becoming a head golf course superintendent. So when the day finally arrived and he took over the position at the largest military golf course in the world, he envisioned years of fulfillment spreading out ahead of him. But the reality of his role at The Courses at Andrews soon proved far from his lofty expectations. As during the first 100 days of a United States president, the initial actions of a golf course superintendent prove vital to the superintendent's future at the course. And everyone is watching as management, golfers and visiting dignitaries cast critical eyes on the slightest missteps-even those beyond anyone's control. Operating in the golf course crucible of the mid-Atlantic's summer heat, Ben and his crew face obstacles as challenging as the worst lie on the toughest green. Contending with broken turf equipment and irrigation pipes, dead putting greens, physical and mental exhaustion, a shoe-string budget and excessive micromanagement, Ben finds his gung ho demeanor turning to despair. The First Hundred Days is the story of Ben and his staff, who attempt to keep the course alive and thriving in one of the toughest regions to grow high-maintenance turfgrass. Filled with insider knowledge, Ben's compelling account will appeal to golfers, industry specialists and anyone who's ever struggled to overcome challenges in the workplace.

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