The Culture of Golf

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My purpose in developing this book is twofold. As a golf and club industry consultant I hope to help more clubs thrive economically by providing food for thought about how to make the game grow. As a lifelong and socially sensitive golfer, I hope to help the game grow while making it more inclusive and look more like society in general. Golf has been my avocation and my vocation for nearly 40 years. It's the greatest game there is and I feel like its culture is the game's own worst enemy.

"The Culture of Golf - Isn't it Just a Game?" is intended to provoke thought among golfers, golf leaders, course owners, club leaders and others about how the game can grow while preserving the game's best traditions and evolving beyond some of the others. I believe golf should be reaching a broader segment of the population, not be "elitist" and "aspirational". It's the game of a lifetime and its virtues can be shared more widely and benefit more people, all while making the game healthier.

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