Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Art of GreenKeeping

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By Michael Bavier and Luke Cella

Publication Date: 2022

From the fairway to the flagsticks, operating a golf course presents a variety of challenges. To maintain a beautiful course and ensure smooth day-to-day operations, one must possess a strong foundation of knowledge across many different fields. Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Fourth Edition assists golf industry professionals with every component of course management so that players have the best experience possible.

As seasoned golf industry professionals, the two authors have years of hands-on experience in the field solving problems relating to every facet of running a modern golf course. This fourth edition contains new and updated advice and guidelines for running a golf course, including:

  • A new chapter offering guidance for superintendents to work with club officials and green committee members to achieve success in their challenging roles
  • Rule changes from the USGA and R&A and how they affect maintenance strategies
  • Discussions of current and future course technologies, including robotic mowers, drones, and advanced irrigation systems
  • An overview of the evolving job descriptions and responsibilities of key positions in the field
  • A common sense approach to the art of greenkeeping

Practical Golf Course Maintenance, Fourth Edition has been purposefully written to provide useful information to both the untrained and experienced greenkeeping professional. It serves as a thorough introduction of golf course maintenance to anyone interested in the profession, including course or club officials and managers, green committee members, and anyone who has a vested interest in understanding what it takes to run a golf course.

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