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By James B. Ricci

Publication Date: 2016

Growing up on a twenty-five acre farm in Amherst, Massachusetts, in the 1950s, author James B. Ricci had his eye on the Locke Power Lawn Mower; it was a familiar sight in the Northeast back then, with its dark-green body and yellow pinstripes. In 1992, Jim bought his own Locke and became interested in penning a booklet about the power lawn mowers made by The Locke Steel Chain Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. His topic naturally expanded, exponentially. Many years and much research later, this book on the development of the lawn mower in the United States from the mid-nineteenth century to the start of World War II is the result of his efforts. It features nearly 200 individuals or corporations that manufactured lawn mowers in this country and offers a snapshot on the patents, products, and historical contributions each brought to the industry. It also offers interesting anecdotes, photographs, and ephemera from the authors extensive collection.

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