Broadleaved Shrubs and Shade Trees

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By Mary Kay Malinoski and David L. Clement

Publication Date: 2009

Why didn't my azaleas flower this year? Why is my maple tree showing its fall colors in July?  What's been chewing little round holes in the leaves of my roses? What's causing those unsightly brown spots on the flowers of my prized dogwood?
The answers to these questions and more can be found in a guide recently published by NRAES.
After observing the problem in a shrub and shade tree, the reader will then follow the guide's easy-to-use, photo-based problem key to zero in on the cause. Management strategies are suggested for most problems. The guide will be a valuable resource for home and master gardeners, students, educators, and horticultural consultants. It will also be a useful addition to garden-center bookshelves and landscape-oriented mail-order catalogs.

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