Babe Ruth & The Scottish Game

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By Douglas A Vogel

Publication Date: 2021

Babe Ruth and the Scottish Game follows Babe Ruth's love affair with the game of golf; from his introduction as a young rookie on the Boston Red Sox to his early death at the age of 53. Along the way, Ruth's golf journey left lasting impressions that can be found on golf courses all across the world today. Babe Ruth, the most famous baseball player of all-time, made many little-known contributions that helped revolutionize the popularity of American golf starting in the 1920s. He helped remove the stigma of playing golf left-handed. His baseball training techniques were adopted by the golf community. His celebrity introduced thousands of fans to the game of golf. He became a rival to Bobby Jones as the most famous golfer in the world. Babe Ruth and the Scottish Game highlights both major contributions and minor, provides glimpses into his golf game and accounts of his legendary struggles and triumphs. Golf provided Ruth a reason for living when his baseball glory days were over. "If it wasn't for golf, I'd really miss baseball" Ruth famously professed. Babe Ruth and the Scottish Game is filled with fun and interesting facts. As with anything Ruth, sorting out the facts from the fiction is part of the fun and the reader will be left to contemplate how tall the tales may be!

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