The Complete Maintenance Standards and Procedures

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In modern business management it is essential to establish written standards and procedures. By putting standards and procedure in writing, getting owners, boards, committees and company executives to review and approve them, risks are then greatly reduced that ‘politics can damage the golf course -- or overwhelm the golf course manager.

From dangerous organizational politics to the quagmire of legal liabilities, having an organization’s operating standards and procedures written in clear detail is the crucial first line of defense. Written policies of standards and procedures allow managers and an organization’s governance to not only avoid negative consequences of ill-defined actions or inaction, but also, and more importantly, such provide positive direction to all.

Operating any business today without well thought out written standards and procedures is to dare dancing through a minefield.

This book is a complete compendium of written, common, critical standards and procedures for maintaining complex golf courses. Covering many vital areas of maintenance operations such as personnel, training, media relation, turfgrass, nutrient management, pest management, turfgrass establishment, and championship event management to name just a few.

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