Turfgrass History and Literature - Lawns, Sports, and Golf

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By James B Beard, Harriet J. Beard and James C. Beard

The true heritage of turfgrass science and culture is best represented by an extensive historical record encompassing the principles, cultural practices, grasses, materials, and equipment that have been developed over the course of 300 years by turfgrass scientists, private companies, professional turfgrass managers, and amateur practitioners. A detailed chronicle of the evolution and history of turfgrass by the leading expert in the field, this book documents the use of turfgrass worldwide as reflected in early publications and photographs and explores the development of its science and culture. In Beard's compilation, résumés of book authors characterize their historical activities and contributions to the turfgrass field, providing an extensive bibliography of turfgrass texts, research development, and educational programs via reviews, scientific journals, research reports, and trade publications. Selected quotes and unique original photographs depict early activities, equipment, and conditions and their evolution in the turfgrass field. 

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